The Art and Science of Impact

Call to artists

Emotional Influence: The Art and Science of Impact A Documentary

I am seeking artists from all artistic disciplines to dialogue with me for a documentary on The Art and Science of Impact. The project centers on emotional impact -- the foundation of all Arts -- and the implicit codes of emotional impact in the Arts that can be extracted and used to empower communication, especially when an emotional response is the intended goal.

My models of emotional influence are extracted from the Arts, where hyper-reality alters mood and perception. I find implicit codes across the Arts that prompt emotional response---methods from diverse Arts including painting, singing, music composition, choreography, dance, theatre, poetry, fiction, acting, comedy, design, and architecture. I study the inherent structure of movies most avidly because movies are multi-dimensional, simultaneously harnessing many Arts.

I am seeking extraordinary Artists who can appreciate the synergy of interdisciplinary dialogue. Evolving one’s field can happen by incorporating ideas from other disciplines. It is my hope that the documentary stimulates generative, interdisciplinary dialogue. It has had that effect to date. You might envision the dialogue as a kind of think tank outside the constraints of a specific time and place.

Please join me and consent to dialogue with me at a time and place that is convenient to you. The interview will take a total of 90 minutes.